16 thoughts on “Burmese Traditional Dance

      1. I mean that you visited my site, clicked on the Like button and then left without saying anything. Then, when I visit your site, I find nothing that explains the posts you have made about Straw Art and so I’m left wondering why you visited and what the purpose of your site is.
        When I say ‘And?’ it’s a short way of asking for a few brief words of clarification.
        Have a lovely day.

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      2. I see! I say that I am not good enough to explain that beautiful art. It is done by my mon and the straw are used for the art.
        I don’t have much knowledge about the art. So, i would not share the way i see because it may make the art quality go down. What i am doing is to post so that people can see it. If people have questions, i would ask my mon to answer. We used to sell the straw art pictures, but political situation in Myanmar is getting worst and we literally can’t do anything.
        Here is just sharing for your eyes and heart. I will post one picture a day instead of just keeping them at my home. If you meant to explain how the picture was done like what type of materials and tools are used, i have thought about it to post sometime. If you meant about the color/near/far/ light/dark, my mon will answer if there are questions. If it is about the what a Kayan Lady is and what Burmese dance is, i will try to answer if there are questions. Actually, one other thing is i am not good at English and this is my first time creating a website and i may need to learn ways to write post. Teach me ways to write if you can. Our Myanmar’s Education is just not good.
        Why i like you post was, i read abit a bout it, i understood what you said about the faces we sometimes somehow see. I think that is true for everyone.So i like it.Other reason is to support you.

        Thanks for your kind explaination, i hope you understand my English.
        Love you!🙏


      3. That’s great to know, thanks for explaining and sorry I seemed to be a little bit upset with you. I often wonder why people visit my blog and so it’s good to know that you enjoyed what I wrote. And actually, the works of art that your mother produces are wonderful. It is a noble and selfless thing you are doing with that blog and I hope that you pass on to her how beautiful her creations are.
        I give you my best regards and wish you both much prosperity in all its many forms for the future.
        Kindness – Robert.

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      4. Thank you anonymous Myanmar person who I don’t know the gender of but who I know has a heart full of loving kindness and a talented mother.
        I bow to your courage,


      5. As long as you are saying good things to other people, You are good, loved and get higher and higher.
        My name is Htut Oo Ko. I am a 25 years old boy. I used to work in a higher education project. But, now volunteering teaching English to some teenagers. Maybe you know about Myanmar’s situation. There are civil wars in Myanmar. Because of the military coup, everything is going down. One of the reasons, why I am posting pictures here is to feel that i am doing something. We can’t get a job. Most of my friends becoming soilders to fight back the Burmese Army.
        Sorry that i talk a lot here!
        Thank you my fri!🙏

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      6. I hadn’t heard about ‘Myanmar’s situation’ until now and I’m saddened that you are going through such troubles. I hope they will be resolved soon.
        The unfortunate thing about conflict is that each party thinks that they are right and that they are doing good things, even when it’s obvious to the other party (and neutral observers) that this is not the case. It’s an unpropitious part of human nature. I wish you strength to endure and wisdom to take correct action.
        Heck, I don’t know what else to say. Just try to stay strong, dude.
        🙏 Robert.


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